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Shrine, Sanctuary of Chimayo, 2017Crosses, Sanctuary of Chimayo, 2017Santa Cruz Lake, 2017Golden Gate Bridge in the Fog No. 1, 2017Golden Gate Bridge in the Fog No. 2, 2017Rain Forest No. 1, Crescent Lake, 2017Kayakers No. 2, Crescent Lake, 2017Mt. Olympus, Olympic National Park, 2017Steamboat Lake State Park No. 2, 2017Ice-Covered Grass, Colorado, 2017Gilman Mine, 2017General Store, Maybell, 2017Fish Creek, Steamboat Springs, 2017Laurel Mountain, Convict Lake, 2017Convict Lake, 2017Lake Mary No. 1, Mammoth Lakes, 2017Outlet, Big Virginia Lake, 2017Tufas No. 1, Mono Lake, 2017Tufas No. 2, Mono Lake, 2017Tufas No. 3, Mono Lake, 2017